ECO Friendly Products

As a general policy, the core products utilised by Renew and Protect, are as environmentally friendly as possible, without sacrificing quality.

We have sourced an exceptional, high performance range of Industrial strength product, all of which are ISO rated. Our company has also secured NZ exclusivity.

There are 3 products, all water-based, that we utilise with our services;

  1. Renew and Protect Paveseal
  2. Renew and Protect Timber AQ
  3. Renew and Protect GraffitiBan

The proven performance of these products has comprehensively erased any prior concerns of inferior quality, in fact recent technology has produced advances in water-based products that now even exceeds its planet unfriendly counterparts.

The R&P Paveseal is a clear, resilient, surface penetrating liquid that provides significant advantages once applied.
After rain, the quick dry advantage of Paveseal assists in preventing mould regrowth as well as providing the safety advantage of, increased slip prevention. It prevents staining and makes the surface far easier to clean. It can be applied to any concrete, pavers, blocks etc. that are porous.

The R&P TimberAQ is also clear (but can be tinted) and can be applied to any natural (non-painted) wood surface.
Again, being quick dry after rain, it provides the increase of non-slip safety. Laboratory testing has proven the longevity of this flexible coating actually out-performs oil-based alternatives. It contains anti-mould fungicide that prevents mould regrowth. Being a repellent of water and oil, it prevents stains. It is used on wooden decks, fences and retaining walls, as well as natural timber ie. Cedar homes.

GraffitiBan is a product that represents major advancement in water-based coating technology. This exceptionally tough, clear, coating is very impressive. It is a flexible, non-sacrificial coating, it is chemical resistant and able to resistant heat up to 250 degrees celcius. GraffitiBan’s applications are very extensive, basically benefitting anything wanting protection, internal or external. It can be applied to natural or painted surfaces. This product protects the surface it is applied to from virtually all forms of damage, it is the ‘wipe off graffiti’ coating that remains on the protected surface.

Renew and Protect prides itself in being able to assist our planet in this realm, yes it is insignificant in the overall scheme of things, but it is positive and as long as quality workmanship isn’t compromised we will continue to endorse this vision for the future.